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Our Expertise comes with a friendly smile and great customer service!

MAR believes in building valuable relationships with our customers by insuring rapid response times and accurate pricing on repairs and service, accomplishing the customers need to stay within a budget. We are committed to providing you with the cost effective value on all projects. We provide emergency services, we schedule appointments six days a week, so when you have a problem you will have the peace of mind that,  MAR Mechanical Air Resources can take care of the issue. We are the choice for great customer service and economical value pricing  in Arizona. We are a small family run business with a reputation of integrity and quality workmanship on all our projects.
HVAC Commercial Staging Area
HVAC Tech's at work
HVAC Commercial Roof Top Units
Tenant Improvement

MAR Mechanical are experts in Tenant Improvements and service/repairs. They work hand in hand with the client and customer to ensure that the project comes in on time and within budget. 

Service and Repair

Mechanical Air Resources works six days a week, so that our customers can have the peace of mind that they will not have unnecessary time delays or expenses when having their units serviced or repaired. We understand that the customer and clients need to do everything possible without compromising safety to stay within a predetermined budget.

HVAC Installation

MAR Mechanical carries certifications with differant manufacuters for the proper install of HVAC units and ventalation systems. 

Loading Calculation

Mar Mechanical is certified to practice 'Manual J' for Residential loading Calculations.


Preventive Maintenance

MAR Mechanical offers our customers a preventitive maintance program to ensure the units continue to perform properly and efficiently thru out the year. Call us today, and ask for more information on the, Preventive Maintenance Program.

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Detials SRP Alliance

Stay cool with an AC Rebate.

Get up to $800 back on a new energy-efficient AC or heat pump

 Correct sizing of your AC or heat pump system and proper installation are critical to ensuring your energy savings and maximum indoor comfort.* Our Cool Cash rebate program requires your contractor to install and verify your new air conditioner meets industry standards and manufacturer specifications to operate at peak efficiency.

The chart below identifies the rebates available for the various equipment configurations.

Seer Rating Rebate Chart

AC energy-saving tips


During the summer, air conditioning can account for 50% or more of your total electric bill. Follow the tips below to increase energy efficiency and save money.

Air conditioners and heat pumps Evaporative coolers

  • Leave most of the air vents open in your home. Closing air vents in more than 10% of your total conditioned space creates a pressure imbalance and reduces the effectiveness of your cooling system.

  • Do moisture-producing chores when it is cooler and your cooling system won't have to work as hard. Wash clothes and dishes or mop floors in the early morning or at night. If you are on an SRP Time of Day Price Plan , doing laundry during the off-peak hours will help you save money.

  • Prevent heat gain inside the house by taking these steps to lessen the load on your cooling system.

  • Set the thermostat between 78 to 80 degrees when you are home and up to 85 degrees when you are away. For every degree you set your thermostat above 80 degrees, you can save approximately 2 to 3% on cooling costs.

  • Install a programmable thermostat. Set it to allow the temperature in your home to increase by 5-10 degrees while you're away and to return to a comfortable level an hour before you return. If you are on an SRP Time-of-Day Price Plan, set the thermostat to return to a comfortable level during off-peak hours.

  • Turn your air conditioning fan to "Auto." This turns the fan motor off when the unit is not cooling. Using "Auto" rather than "On" can save you $15 to $25 each month on your energy costs.

  • Schedule maintenance service on your cooling system once a year by an SRP Certified Contractor to maintain its efficiency.

  • Buy a higher-SEER unit when the time comes to replace your cooling system. The efficiency of heat pumpsand air conditioners is indicated by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the number, the more cooling you will get for your dollar. Ask a qualified air conditioning contractor what level of efficiency is right for your home.

  • Buy the right size cooling system. A unit that is too large for your house will cause frequent cycling, inefficient operation and higher operating costs.

  • Set your ceiling fans to blow downward during the summer to circulate air rather than lowering your thermostat.

  • Clean debris and obstructions from around outdoor air conditioning components.

  • Replace disposable air filters or clean permanent ones at least once a month. A dirty filter forces your equipment to work harder, causing higher energy bills.

  • Change the pads on your evaporative cooler before each summer. Make sure the pads are evenly installed in the frames with no gaps around the edges.

  • Do not run your evaporative cooler and air conditioner at the same time or even during the same day. The evaporative cooler increases humidity in your home while the air conditioner works to remove humidity.

  • Install the baffle plate (cookie sheet damper) in the unit before you switch over to air conditioning.

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